Our Projects

The DFW-CHW Association offers engaging professional development events including four quarterly meetings annually, an annual conference, and other continuing education classes. We also provide a range of opportunities to participate in various CHW-led projects, the following is a a glimpse of the projects we’ve worked on and some events held to-date.

On October 30, 2020 the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center presented a 2-hour DSHS-certified CHW CE on “Understanding Trauma, Crisis Intervention, & Self-Care. This partnership helped to inform our members on sexual violence, abuse, and what CHWs can do to support and aid victims, as well as learn what resources are available in North Texas.

DFW-CHW AEC logo  2018- Present

Since 2018, we’ve held an Annual CHW Conference. his Community Health Worker focused conference features: networking, fellowship, and continuing education credits for CHWs and CHWIs. We’re proud to work with various CHW training centers across the state to support our members and CHWs throughout North Texas. Visit our conference website here for more information.

DFW-CHW Association and IT’S TIME TEXAS partnered in 2019 to recruit and train motivated CHW members to refer and register Texans with COPD, CKD, Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and high blood pressure to the Living Healthier hotline. The dedicated CHWs were compensated for attending health fairs and referrals. To date, we’ve participated in over a dozen community events throughout DFW. Our trained CHWs were compensated well for their efforts. A select few that recruited the most participants to the hotline also received additional $100 bonuses for the most referrals monthly.

About Living Healthier

The Living Healthier Coach Hotline provides free health advice, referrals for healthy resources, and motivational coaching. All Living Healthier Coaches speak English and Spanish and can give you the tools you need to make healthy choices. Living Healthier hotline: 1-844-262-6224 For more information, visit: https://itstimetexas.org/livinghealthier/

Latinas con Lupus logoLatinas con Lupus, Promotores con Información – 2019

The DFW-CHW Association was contacted for this project by KDH Research & Communication (KDHRC). Latinas con Lupus, Promotores con Información is an online professional development course that trains promotores de salud to support and assist Latinas with suspected or diagnosed lupus by providing referrals, building health care navigation skills, and promoting self-advocacy. Participants received a $50 incentive for their participation in the pretest, a $75 incentive for completing the LLPI online professional development course, and a $50 incentive for their participation in the post-test. In total, treatment group participants may have received up to a $175 incentive check. This project was offered exclusively to our members in May of 2019.

image from CE flyerP.O.T. and More Training – 2019

The Texas AHEC East Coastal Region reached out to the DFW-CHW Association because the Coastal Region had been given the opportunity to provide a 4 hour DSHS-certified continuing education opportunity to CHWs in our Texas AHEC East coverage area tited “P.O.T. and More (an Opioid training)”. This opportunity was offered in May of 2019.

Let's Talk Health logoLet’s Talk Health Continuing Education Event – 2019

Tarrant County Public Health, office of Health Equity and Community Engagement Division reached out to us about their developed course titled “Let’s Talk Health: Positive Engagement with Limited English Proficient (LEP) Stakeholders in Health Care Settings for Community Health Workers” and asked to help get the course certified for CHWs. We were able to partner with our long-time CHW training center ally, DFW Region, Texas AHEC East and together we were able to get the course certified through DSHS. This 5-hour CE course was offered in March of 2019.  Read more about it here in our May 2019 Quarterly Newsletter

“Dientes Fuertes, Vida Sana (Strong Teeth, Healthy Life) (DFVS) Project – 2018

The DFW-CHW Association received funding from KDH Research & Communication to host a training program for CHWs to help parents
prevent cavities titled: “Dientes Fuertes, Vida Sana”. Our CHW members learned the importance of dental hygiene and how to talk to parents about the importance of oral health for their children. The CHWs that attended the training attempted to use their new skills to teach a parent class in June. The CHW participants received compensation for their time on the project. Read more bout it here in our May 2018 Quarterly Newsletter

For Our Daughters logo“For Our Daughters”/Por Nuestras Hijas HPV Project – 2017

The DFW-CHW Association conducted this project through a partnership with the School of Public Health at the University of Texas in Houston. Together, we will work to implement the “For Our Daughters” (Por Nuestras Hijas) HPV vaccination education program. The purpose of this project was to disseminate the program across the state in order to increase HPV vaccination among Hispanic adolescents through a guided telenovela conversational education series. This theory-based, multi-component intervention was developed to increase HPV vaccination among Hispanic girls and boys between the ages of 11 – 17 years. Upon completion of the project, we reached 1,220 families with 2,028 children throughout the DFW Metroplex! This project was conducted throughout 2017. Read more bout it here in our December 2017 Quarterly Newsletter

Bi-National Symposium logo

“XVI Bi-national Health Week Symposium: A Policy Perspective” – 2016

The DFW-CHW Association partnered with the Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute at JUanita J. Craft Recreation Center and the University of Texas at Arlington and held the “XVI Bi-national Health Week Symposium: A Policy Perspective” on October 13, 2016 at the E.H> Hereford University Center. The purpose of the symposium was to help equip community outreach professionals, CHWs ,and CHWIs, with the knowledge and skills to affect health policy. This symposium featured Steven T. Lopez the Manager of the Health Policy Project at the National Council of La Raza. Mr. Lopez led the development and strategic advancement of public policies aimed at improving the health status of Latinos, particularly in the areas of Affordable Care Act implementation, immigrant health and childhood obesity prevention.

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