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2020 Professional Development Funds Application

The DFW-CHW Association can provide limited funds available for members to attend: CE opportunities, Conferences, Workshops, & Other desired CHW professional developmental opportunities.

*Must be a paying active member of the association
*Must send with reasonable amount of time for the Board of Directors to make a decision
*Limited to 1 funding opportunity per member

Please note: These funds only cover registration costs, not hotel accommodations, meals, or travel reimbursement. Must complete online application.

Members will be notified via email if funds can be awarded.

Apply Here

Member Relief Funds

The DFW-CHW Association can provide limited funds to current/active members that are experiencing financial hardship. 

  • Requirements:
    • Must be an active paying member of the DFW-CHW Association
    • Limited to 1 application per year
    • Must be able to describe financial hardship

Apply Here 

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