Sponsorship Opportunities

There are three broad categories of sponsorship opportunities for the Association: Event Sponsorship, Annual Sponsorship, & In-kind Sponsorship. Suggested sponsorship levels are provided as a guide. The Association is willing to discuss other levels of sponsorship and accompanying benefits.

 Event Sponsor
This type of sponsor will be for one particular event such as a quarterly association meeting, community outreach event, or annual association conference. Sponsorship levels and benefits will vary based on the event. Sponsor recognition will be limited to material association with that event.
Event Sponsorship Opportunities
  1. Quarterly Meetings – Funds will be used to cover the cost of refreshments, organizational materials, or speaker fees.
Benefits of Sponsorship
$500: Logo on the agenda, resource table at the meeting
$501 or more: Logo on the agenda, 5 min. on the podium, resource table at the meeting
  1. Community Outreach Event – Funds will be used to pay for materials associated with the event, possibly transportation to an event, and snacks, etc.
Benefits of sponsorship:
$500-$999: Logo on flyer for event, logo on any giveaways (T-shirts, etc).
$1000 – $4,999: Benefits above and opportunity to address the volunteers or community partners at the event.
$5,000: Benefits above and name of organization included in the Community Outreach event title.
  1. Other events will vary. In-Kind donations as a sponsor are always welcome!

 Annual Sponsor  
An annual sponsor will help provide general operating support for a year. Ideally, sponsorships would be obtained for a January through December basis. Organizations that provide annual sponsorship in the first year of the organization (through December of 2016) will be recognized as Founding Sponsors.

 Annual Sponsorship Levels & Benefits
Bronze     $2,000
Silver        $4,000
Gold          $5,000
Platinum $10,000
Logo and name on newsletters & social media
Prominent location of logo and name on newsletters & social media
Recognition on agenda at quarterly meetings
Resource table at quarterly meetings
X (one meeting)
 X  (two meetings)
       X (three meetings)
        X    (four meetings)
Opportunity to share information about the organization with association members though 5 minutes of podium time at one quarterly meeting
Feature article on organization in association newsletter
Recognition at association sponsored community outreach events
If your organization would like to serve as a sponsor organization for the DFW-CHW Association, please contact fundraising@dfwchw.org

Thank you to our previous sponsors:

Grand Canyon University

DFW Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Diabetes Health & Wellness Institute (DHWI)

Texas Health Resources