DFW-CHW Membership Options

Community Health Workers (CHWs) & CHW Instructors can join our Association as a student, individual CHW or CHW Instructor, or as a Partner Organization. Each membership type has its own set of Member Benefits (PDF)

Please note: Your application will not be complete until payment has been submitted. 

CHW/ CHW Instructor

Benefits  include:

Opportunities for community service

Continuing education trainings and information

Professional development workshops

A supportive environment that advocates for CHWs

Access to a network of CHWs across the DFW area

Access to community resources through the association

Resources for employment opportunities

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CHW Students

Benefits include:

Opportunities for community services

Access to a network of CHWs, CHWI, and CHW partners

Opportunities for community service

Professional development workshops

A supportive environment of CHWs after completing certification course

Access to community and employment resource

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Membership Renewal

Don't forget to renew your membership and provide updated contact information. 

Organizational Partnership

Organizations and CHW Training Centers that choose to join as a group receive additional benefits that include:

Opportunity to share events and information about the organization with association members

Events and information about your organization included in quarterly association newsletter

Representation from partner organization at every association meeting

Logo and name on newsletters & social media

Resource table at quarterly meetings

Opportunity to share information about the organization with association members though 5 minutes of podium time at one quarterly meeting

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Membership Support

Professional Development Funds

The DFW-CHW Association can provide limited funds available for members to attend: CE opportunities, Conferences, Workshops, & Other desired CHW professional developmental opportunities.

*Must be a paying active member of the association
*Must send with reasonable amount of time for the Board of Directors to make a decision
*Limited to 1 funding opportunity per member

Please note: These funds only cover registration costs, not hotel accommodations, meals, or travel reimbursement. Must complete online application.

Members will be notified via email if funds can be awarded.

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Member Relief Funds

The DFW-CHW Association can provide limited funds to current/active members that are experiencing financial hardship.

*Must be an active paying member of the DFW-CHW Association
*Limited to 1 application per year
*Must be able to describe financial hardship

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Events & Past Projects

The DFW-CHW Association offers engaging professional development events including four quarterly meetings annually, an annual conference, and other continuing education classes. We also provide a range of opportunities to participate in various CHW-led projects, the following is a a glimpse of the projects we’ve worked on and some events held to-date.